Piercings By J was founded in 2010. After working for many years in other studios, Jason Friday decided it was time to have a place that he could call his own. Located inside of Inksmith Tattoos at 123 Woolwich ST. in historic downtown Guelph, ON. Upon entering our little studio, you will be greeted by friendly, knowledgeable staff.  We are committed to providing you, our guest, with the safest, cleanest, fun and most professional experience possible.

In the years that Piercings By J has been in Guelph, we have introduced internally threaded, hand made jewellery, and why that is an important aspect. We are also the only studio in Guelph that offers in studio anodizing of our titanium and niobium jewellery. Working closely with the Guelph Public Health Unit, we were able to have the Statim 2000 autoclave (sterilizer) approved for use in this area. This sterilizer is among the most technically advanced available on the market today and allows us to offer you the best sterilization available.

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Artist specializing Body Piercing.

Click here for Jason Friday's portfolio

Click here for Jason Friday’s portfolio

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Click here for Heather’s portfolio

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Click here for Hailey’s portfolio

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Click here for Ali’s portfolio