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HeatherHeather Myles is the tattoo artist and owner of Inksmith Tattoos. Heather has always been an artist, and took to painting and drawing as soon as she could hold a pencil. Studying graphic design, illustration, sculpture and the fabric arts gave her many insights and tools that would come in very handy later on, when designing and inking tattoos. Heather has many years of experience tattooing, getting her start in 1991. She enjoys tattooing many traditional styles but has never been afraid to dive into all of the new, up and coming styles. She is always working to expand herself and grow artistically.

Heather took an interest in the nursing field in 1995 and began a career as a private nurse for 5 years after the RPN program, when she began to crave using her creativity with ink in the skin once again. All told, Heather has nearly 12 years’ experience and an amazingly diverse portfolio, with her forte being realism and themes from nature. Check out the Tattoo Gallery to see some of Heather’s work.

At Inksmith we use the revolutionary rotary machines by Stigma, which are made in Germany,  (as well as Ned’s rotary machines from the UK).  Rotary machines cause less damage to the skin than the old school electric coil machines, so your skin will heal much faster and easier than coil machines, with no ink loss due to scabbing!

For more information on Stigma rotary machines, check out their page on Facebook, or on the web.


“Works of skin art, by Heather Myles (Hamilton-Wright), 2010. All tattoo images are copyrighted to Heather and may not be used without permission.”

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